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Design Creative for Erin: Industrial Style Pendant for Approx. 2.0 ct. LG Dia.

Project:  Industrial style, designed pendant concept for a lab grown round diamond possibly 2 carats in size. 

This project will include working with Erin's input create an approved solution.

After establishing the initial direction and concept, 3 design changes will be included in the cost. Further changes within the initial concept will incur extra charges of $100 per change. 

Changing the overall direction and concept will incur the $400 design fee again. 

This order is for design drawings only for approval and to create a custom pendant for an approximately 2 carat lab grown diamond. The size if the diamond will be determined as the design is developed. The design is owned by Catherine Iskiw Designs for use as they see fit. 

The cost of this creative will be applied towards the cost of the custom pendant. The final design will be priced in fine metals selected by the customer. 

This custom order is not eligible for return, exchange, or credit.