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About | Catherine Iskiw Designs, Modern Jewelry

Catherine Iskiw Designs has been creating modern jewelry since 1994.

Her modern jewelry is inspired by simplicity and clarity of design. She expresses the essence of each piece through the thoughtful use of materials and by the careful construction of each piece of jewelry.  Materials range from platinum, gold and palladium set with diamonds and precious gemstones to sterling silver and semi-precious gems. All are treated with the same careful consideration and expertise.

"My creative philosophy balances innovative design with enduring style. I find beauty in simplicity with functionality at the forefront."

In addition to her collections, Catherine works directly with clients to create unique, custom jewelry for them. Her personal attention to each project makes it a seamless experience for her clients who are included in each step of the design process. 

Catherine is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in interior design. After relocating to New York City and during a ten-year career as a corporate interior designer in Manhattan, Catherine began taking jewelry classes at Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Her first work was placed at Stuart Moore, a gallery in NYC, in 1994. Catherine Iskiw Designs was officially launched in 1996 in the New Designer Gallery at the JA Show in New York.

Since 1994, all of Catherine's jewelry is created in various locations in New York.


Selected Exhibitions & Awards

Diamonds Today 1996 (De Beers), New York, NY USA, New York, 1996

Diamonds Today 1999 (De Beers), New York, NY USA, New York, 1999