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Custom | Tension Set Pearl Ring, Sterling Silver, 8.3 mm South Sea Pearl

This modern tension set pearl ring has a matte satin finish on the outside and is polished inside. The chamfered edges are highlighted with a smoother finish than the rest of the ring. The inside edges are rounded for a comfort fit. It was created in a special extra hard sterling silver alloy and was then also heat-treated and tumbled for additional hardness and spring.

My customer required that this be made without any wire going through the pearl and for the pearl to touch his hand to meet with standards for Jyotish astrology. The two CAD drawings illustrate how I work with customers online to create custom designs for their vision.

It can be created in other extra hard alloys such as 18k gold or platinum and in different finishes such as high polish or random scratch. It can also be customized with black or gray Tahitian pearls.