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August 24, 2019 1 min read

Diamond bezel set pendant in double bezel in platinum on a 1mm chain.

A classic diamond solitaire pendant should be perfectly simple but at the same time function in a number of ways for the wearer.

The pendant should function in the following 6 ways:

  1. It should move easily on the chain.

  2. The clasp is secure yet easy to open and close.

  3. The clasp is light enough that it doesn't pull to the front.

  4. The setting focuses on the diamond or gemstone.

  5. The pendant doesn't flip over.

  6. It should sit perfectly in the notch at the base of her neck but also have an extra loop on the chain so the pendant can hang lower when desired.

Simple and classic is best for a solitaire pendant: platinum, 18k gold, diamond, sapphire, ruby or tsavorite. What to look for when selecting a diamond or gemstone will be another post.

I use a double bezel to highlight the diamond and make it look larger. I will set customer diamonds over .25 carats. The Simplicity Pendant (Series 8) is circa 1996 and it is still a bestseller 23 years later.

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