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March 05, 2020 2 min read

Once you find that special jewelry item of your dreams, we need to deliver it to you! If you have been getting deliveries to your place of employment and that address has been linked to your credit card as a delivery address, this is a good option.

Too many customers only realize after their orders have been processed that they won't either be able to or won't want to hang around for that delivery to happen so that they can sign for the package. Yes, you, or some adult at your address, will have to sign for the package. After all attempts have been exhausted, your package will go to the nearest UPS hub. You can go to that option right from the start if you prefer and have your package held for pickup at the UPS.
UPS is my shipper of choice. They work with Parcel Pro, the insurer that I have used for many years, they allow me to get quotes easily and they ship worldwide. 

Recently, Catherine Iskiw Designs has been shipping to more foreign addresses. Help us out and fill out your address in this format:

Name (should match your credit card):

Street Address: 

Apartment, Suite or Floor (if applicable, the package will not be delivered without it): 



Zip or Postal Code: 

Phone Number (yes, this is required to be on the package):

This may be different than the format that is familiar to you, especially if you are in another country, but it is how your information will be noted on the manifest if your package is coming from The United States. 

Thank you and carry on!

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