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June 14, 2023 1 min read

The beauty of modern, classic jewelry lies in its timeless, sleek, and versatile designs. These pieces are ageless and can be worn every day, yet still, be fitting for any special occasion. Jewelry designers utilize design principles such as balance, proportion, contrast, unity, harmony, movement, and emphasis to create unique and exceptional designs. With the absence of unnecessary parts, streamlined creations are made that can easily be paired with any clothing style.

To differentiate modern jewelry from traditional pieces, designers often incorporate bezel or burnish settings for a cleaner visual appearance compared to prong settings. Minimalist jewelry uses color sparingly, opting to showcase precious stones in platinum or yellow gold. The use of metal with different textures, matte finish, or polish contributes to the minimalist design.

The functionality, durability, and simplicity of modern, classic jewelry make it a valuable investment. Its minimalist decoration, high-quality materials, and streamlined design ensure that it retains its fashion and relevance, despite changing trends. It can easily complement an existing jewelry collection that may not be as contemporary.

I invite you to peruse my collection of contemporary designs, thoughtfully crafted over the span of decades beginning in 1994, up to the present day. If you have specific preferences, I am delighted to accommodate customizations upon your request. Thank you for considering my jewelry collection.

Catherine Iskiw


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