Custom Series 8 Ring - Domed | Bezels, 18k, Plat. + Diamond, Ruby

This wide, modern wedding ring has a circular satin finish on the outside and inside the comfort fit is polished. It is 8mm across and varies from 2mm thick at the bottom to 2.7 at the top. This custom design was created using the customer's own .50ct. diamond. Two 4mm rubies were selected, appropriately sized to complement the center diamond. The shank and center bezel are 18k yellow gold and the bezels for the diamonds are platinum. Your own diamonds can be used for this ring and metals can be selected from platinum, palladium, 18k or 14k gold in yellow, white or rose. Preferred colored gems choices are colored diamonds, sapphires or rubies.

Request a quote, include your ring size including 1/4 or 1/2 sizes and what metal combination you would like. Thick, wide wedding bands require a larger finger size than thin, narrow bands.

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