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Series 46 | Cherry Blossom Bracelet, Blackened Silver + Diamonds (SM /MD)


This open bracelet has one 15 mm blossom with a 3.4 mm (.15 ct.) and a 12 mm blossom with a 2.9 mm (.09 ct.), white silver mist or fancy gray diamond. At the center of the matte finish blackened cherry blossoms, small polished silver beads secure the stones. The silver bracelet is 2 mm diameter spring metal. 

For small to medium wrists the bracelets interior measurements are 40 mm x 60 mm (1 5/8 inches wide x 2 3/8 " high). It is also available for medium to large wrists, 50 mm high x 68 mm wide (2" high x 2 5/8 " wide). Please contact customer service for custom sizes. 

Please note: If the bracelet starts to look lighter in color, sparingly apply mineral oil or any clean food grade oil to the blackened silver areas only.