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Series 46 | Cherry Blossom Stud Earring, 18k + Diamond, BL Silver + BL Rose Cut

Pair or Single
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This mismatched pair of stud earrings is created in 18k yellow gold and silver with a matte texture and an oiled rubbed black rhodium finish. The 18k gold earring is set with a .10 ct. light champagne diamond and has an 18k post and push on back. The silver earring is set with a .15ct. (3.4mm) black rose-cut diamond has a 14k white gold post and a silver earring back.  Small silver beads resemble the center of a blossom and secure the stones. These may be purchased as a set or singles. These are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

In-Stock in the Mismatched Pair.

Dimension: 12.5 mm diameter x 4 mm deep, 14.75 mm diameter x 4 mm deep