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Series 42 - Arc | Engagement Ring, Pd., 9mm Mounting

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The high polished bezel highlights the stone and contrasts with the random scratch finish on the shank. The scratch finish is matte and designed to hide everyday wear. As an engagement ring, it is best with diamond, ruby or sapphire.

The ring is shown in palladium but is available as a special order in most metals such as platinum, 18k or 14k white, yellow or rose gold and silver. Please contact us for pricing. We will require the approximate finger size required, your choice of metal and the size of the center stone. This is shown with a 3ct. (9mm) center stone. Customers may supply diamonds, sapphire or rubies for this mounting.

Dimensions: Bezel, 13mm diameter x 2.5mm deep, Shank 5.5mm wide x 3.5mm deep at top x 3.5mm wide x 1.75mm deep at the bottom