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Series 46 | Cherry Blossom Necklace 3, 18k, Silver + Diamonds

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This necklace has 4 flowers in different sizes. They are matte finished with polished beads at the center to hold the gems. The largest flower measures 18 mm across by 3.5 mm deep and it has a double petal effect. It is set with a 2.9 mm brilliant-cut fancy gray or silver mist color diamond weighing .9 -.10 ct. The next flower is 15 mm across x 4.25 mm deep and is finished in matte silver. It is set with a 3.4 mm, .15 ct. black rose cut diamond. The 18k gold flower is 12 mm x 4.25 mm deep and is set with a 2.9 mm, .10 ct. light champagne-colored diamond. The final flower is 9 mm across and hangs on the end of the 4" extender chain. The chain is a 2 mm flattened cable chain, 16"L with 4" of extender chain, and an 11 mm lobster clasp. With the exception of the 18k gold flower and the white silver flower, the sterling silver necklace is finished with black rhodium.

Dimensions: 16" long with 4" of extender chain