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Series 46 | Cherry Blossom 2 Finger Ring, Bl. Silver, Vermeil + Diamond (SZ 7.5 / 7.75)

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This open two finger ring holds three cherry blossoms measuring 17.5 mm, 15 mm, and 12 mm. The black, rose-cut diamonds measure 3.75 mm (.16 ct.), 3.4 mm (.14 ct.), and 3 mm (.10 ct.), respectively. At the center of each blossom, small polished silver beads are finished in 18k yellow gold vermeil. The shank is 2.5 mm in diameter and the ring has a black rhodium finish on matte silver. The size is 7.5 and 7.75 and can be worn loosely in different positions on the hand.

Please note: If the ring starts to look lighter in color, sparingly apply mineral oil to the blackened areas.