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Series 34 |Cubist Earring and Necklace, 18k Gold + Aquamarine Beads

Set or Earrings or Necklace
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These unique aquamarine beads have a matching clasp and earrings in matte finished, 18k white gold.


  • beads are natural aquamarine with an 18k white gold clasp that mimics the shape of the beads
  • one facet on the gold clasp is pressed in order to open it
  • 18k white gold earrings have post and omega backs
  • both the clasp and earrings have a straight satin finish for a modern look
  • stamped 18k, ©c.iskiw
  • made in New York


  • 450 mm long (17 3/4 ") x approximately 12 mm wide, individual beads range from 11 to 14.5 mm; earrings 12mm wide x 12mm deep (not including earring back) x 16.5 mm long