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November 13, 2020 1 min read

This industrial-style hoop is from my first collection of jewelry circa 1994. You can see the three variations at

My initial jewelry prototypes used die struck circles and washers in silver. Once a design was worked out, a leap of faith was required to stamp the circles and washers from sheets of platinum and 18k yellow gold. The washers were utilized to make these hoops and the inner circles for the G1 Series - Offset Studs. The telescoping rivets hold the half-circle pieces apart and are set with small diamonds at the ends and the hoops hinge open and click shut. I liked the hard edges of these industrial designs. 

To celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, I'm offering 25% off the hoops (very limited quantities) and the studs that were initially created from the center cuts. 

Check them out at:

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