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Customizing Designs

January 13, 2022 1 min read

large green tourmaline cabochon ring in an 18k bezel on an 18k white gold shank.

Ordering a customized piece can be as simple as making a few changes to an existing Catherine Iskiw Design. For most of our pieces you can make change the following elements:

1. Choose the metal

(we will suggest which alloy will be best for the project):

a) platinum

b) palladium

c) 18 or 14k gold in yellow, rose or white: 18k 

d) Silver

2.Choose the finish:

a) high polish

b) circular satin

c) wire brush matte

d) sandblasted matte

3. Is plating required?

Sometimes we will plate 18k or 14k white gold to give it a whiter look or you can just choose to appreciate the slightly gray color. We often plate silver with black rhodium. If the finish on the jewelry is matte then the platings adhere much better although most will wear off in time and can be redone if desired. 

So these are some simple ways to take an existing design and have us make it more to your own taste. 

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